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  6. Bài tập sự hòa hợp giữa chủ ngữ và động từ

    1. There (is/are) no girls in this class.
    2. There (is/are) no key for this door.
    3. 80% of the students (has/have) voted.
    4. Geography (is/are) fascinating.
    5. Where (is/are) my gloves?
    6. Each ticket (costs/cost) $5.
    7. The boy with his dog (is/are) here.
    8. John or Tom (is/are) bringing the car
    9. His hair (is/are) turning gray
    10. (Is/Are) there anybody at home?
    11. Neither praise nor blame (seem/seems) to affect him
    12. Three fourths of his fortune (was/were) devoted to scientific research.
    13. Two-thirds of these books (is/are) novels.
    14. The crowd (was/were) wild with excitement
    15. Why (is/are) the police standing there?
    16. So far everything ( has/have been ) all right
    17. More men than women (is/are) left-handed.
    18. Our team (is/are) going to win the game
    19. None of my classmates (speak/speaks) Arabic.
    20. Every student (is/are) tested twice a year.
    21. Each of the items in the bill (is/are) correct
    22. 10 years in prison (was/were) too long for him.
    23. None of the children (was/were) awake.
    24. No smoking or drinking (is / are) allowed.
    25. Indians (eats / eat) a lot of junk food.
    26. More than one student (was/ were) late for class this morning.
    27. The United Nations (was/ were) found in 1945.
    28. Some of the water (is/are) gone.
    29. One and a half day (is/ are) what I need.
    30. There (is/are) still the possibility of heavy rain and high winds.
    31. Politics (is/are) a constant source of interest to me.
    32. The pilot as well as all the passengers (was/were) rescued from the crash
    33. Half of the cookies (have/has) been eaten.
    34. The hiker and the cyclist (enjoy/enjoys) the great outdoors.
    35. The senior writer and editor (was/ were) promoted to the position of editor-in-chief.
    36. Most of the fish I caught (was/were) too small to keep for dinner.
    37. No information (was/were) given about how the study (was/were) conducted.
    38. Not one of the hundreds of families affected by the noise (want/wants) to move
    39. If anybody (calls/call), tell them I’m not at home.
    40. If either of you (take/takes) a vacation now, we’ll not be able to finish the work.
    41. No problem (is/are) harder to solve than this one.
    42. I would say that 50% of the houses (need/needs) major repair
    43. A great deal of the exhibition (was/were) devoted to his recent work.
    44. All the old equipment in this factory (is/are) being replaced.
    45. A number of students (has/have) participated in intensive language programs abroad.
    46. An inflation rate of only 2% (make/makes) a big difference to exports
    47. The issues which have been considered in the previous section (allow/allows) us to speculate on problems that learners might encounter
    48. An early analysis of the results (show/shows) that the Socialists have won.
    49. The number of students who knew the answer to the last question on the exam (was/were) very slow.
    50. The United States of America (consists/consist) of 50 separate states.
    51. The view of these disciplines (vary/varies) from time to time.
    52. The actress, along with her manager,( is/are) going to the party tonight.
    53. It was the speaker, not his ideas, that (has/ have) provoked the students to riot.
    54. The country’s first general election since it won independence (is/are) to be held next month
    55. Mr. Robinson, accompanied by his wife and children, (is/are) arriving tonight.
    56. Neither the boys nor Carmen (have/has) seen the film before.
    57. John, bringing his girlfriend to see me, (has/have) just arrived.
    58. The majority (believe/believes) that we are in no danger.
    59. Neither of the French athletes (have,has) won this year
    60. Nobody but Ted and Bill (was/were) eager to help
    61. Not John but you (was/were) responsible for the error
    62. A lot of the pollution (is/are) caused by the paper factory on the edge of the town
    63. The secretary and accountant of the company (have/has )not come yet.
    64. Twenty five dollars (seem, seems) too much to pay for this book.
    65. To my opinion, living in happiness for 10 years (is/are) not a long time.
    66. Physics (study/ studies) mechanics, heat, light, sound and electricity.
    67. His silence (mean/ means) that he agrees with us.
    68. Their news (come/ comes) to us once a year.
    69. The students and instructors each (hope / hopes)for a new facility by next year.
    70. The police( have/has made) many enquiries about the murder up till now.
    71. His knowledge of butterflies (is/are) very wide.
    72. One of the girls (go/ goes) to visit that old man once a week.
    73. His family (is/are sitting) in the front row.
    74. All of the food served in this restaurant yesterday (was/were) excellent.
    75. Neither you nor I (are/am) responsible for the result.
    76. There (is/are) different ways to do that work.
    77. Whatever (happen/ happens), remember to be calm.
    78. BOTH Mary and Peter (work/ works) for that company.
    79. Either he or his friends (is/are) mistaken.
    80. The quality of these recordings (is/are) very good.
    81. The pair of scissors (is/are) on the table.
    82. There (has/have) been a number of telephone calls today.
    83. John or George (bring/ brings) the car now.
    84. Neither Carmen nor the boys (have/has) seen the film before.
    85. Not studying (cause/ causes) him many problems.
    86. (Don’t / Doesn’t) Portuguese speak in Brazil?
    87. Baseball and swimming (is/are) popular summer sports.
    88. The fear of rape and robbery (cause/ causes) many people to flee the cities.
    89. Why (is/are) there a shortage of certified teachers at the present time?
    90. John, along with twenty friends, (is/are) planning a party.
    91. Money as well as workers (is/are) needed.
    92. The boy with his dog (is/are) here.
    93. We’ve got 2 cars but neither of them (is/are) new
    94. A large crowd (was/were) gathering around him
    95. The mayor as well as his brothers (is/are) going to prison.
    96. Two-fifths of the vineyard (was/were) destroyed by fire.
    97. Each and every student and instructor in this building (hope/ hopes) for a new facility by next year.
    98. The department members but not the chair(has / have) decided not to teach on Valentine's Day.
    99. Rice and beans, my favorite dish, (reminds/ remind) me of my native Puerto Rico.
    100. To an outsider, the economics of this country (seems/ seem) to be in disarray.
    Gấu chưa có mà gió đã về.

    No one can stop me from loving you !

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